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Nu-dell Artificial Ficus Tree NUDT7781

$159.95 - $169.85
(2 stores)

Artificial Double Potted Sago Palm Tree

This 6' and 4' Sago Palm Silk Tree will bring to mind a lush tropical setting. Featuring two beautiful stalks of Sago Palms, one 4' and one 6', this artificial silk tree boasts 80 green leaves and is ...  More Info
$149 - $369.99
(3 stores)

Nearly Natural 5267 6 ft. Smilax Tree (810709009040)

$74.40 - $137.59
(4 stores)

Nearly Natural 5 ft Smilax Tree 5 ft. ()

Nearly Natural 5266 For those that want an authentic looking tree without the work, this beauty is exactly what you are looking for. Several majestic trunks stand tall, their bark gnarled just so, top ...  More Info
$45.60 - $135.99
(5 stores)

Nearly Natural Hyacinth Silk Flower Arrangement 4637-BL

Bring the lush foliage of the tropics indoors with this 6' Big Bamboo Silk Tree. This Indoor Bamboo Tree features thousands of luxurious leaves and stands a majestic six feet tall. This Artificial Bam ...  More Info
$70.40 - $259.99
(5 stores)

24" Mixed Peony Wreath ()

Looking for the perfect focal point to spruce up your front door or entryway? At 24 inches round, this lush peony wreath demands attention. A mixture of bright and cream colored pastels, this elegant ...  More Info
$40 - $54.99
(4 stores)

Nearly Natural 3 Ft. Ficus Silk Tree 5298

Stately and unique, the Ficus tree is one of most interesting trees around, and will make the perfect complement to any home or office decor. The twisting trunks reach skyward and suddenly burst into ...  More Info
$36.36 - $75.99
(6 stores)

30 in. Glittery Pine Pre-lit Wreath ()

$64.99 - $95.99
(3 stores)

Bougainvillea Topiary w/Wood Box

Often referred to as Buddha's Belly Bamboo, this lovely 6' Belly Bamboo Silk Tree brings a symbol of wealth, good fortune and prosperity to your home or office. Embellished with well over 1, 000 rich g ...  More Info
$70.40 - $239.99
(5 stores)

nearly natural Silk Weeping Cyprus Tree

$99.20 - $199.99
(5 stores)

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Silk Tree ()

A truly beautiful specimen symbolizing the botanical beauty of Japan (and other parts of the world as well). Staying low to the ground at 15 inches, this Cherry Blossom Bonsai is perfect for those see ...  More Info
$31.79 - $95.99
(5 stores)

nearly natural Silk Cedar Pine Tree

The Cedar Pine is renowned for its gentle beauty that lasts the entire year. It's also a very versatile plant in terms of look - equally at home in a summer garden, a rustic den, or a snowy backyard. ...  More Info
$54.40 - $58.80
(3 stores)

22" Hydrangea Wreath ()

$40.80 - $107.99
(4 stores)

Nearly Natural Green 5 ft. and 3 ft. Banana Silk Tree with Bananas 5323 (810709011784)

This Banana Silk Tree arrangement features both a five-foot tree and a three-foot tree. It has thick, shade-giving leaves in a variety of vibrant green hues. The illusion of a real banana plant is enh ...  More Info
$54.40 - $159.99
(5 stores)

Boston Fern w/Urn Silk Plant

Shop for Floral Decor, Silk Flowers and Greenery from! About Nearly Natural Inc.For over 75 years, Nearly Natural Inc. has been providing conscientious consumers with beautiful alternati ...  More Info
$42.40 - $107.99
(5 stores)

Nearly Natural 4' Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree (in-door/out-door) Artificial Plant

This 4' Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree is designed to be a dramatic addition to your home. With its lush green foliage twisting skyward, it would look impressive on a front porch or patio or in your home's ...  More Info
$125.60 - $319.99
(5 stores)

Nearly Natural 23 in. H Beauty Ranunculus Stem (Set of 12) 2108-BU

The incredible beauty of the Ranunculus Flower cannot be overstated. With its winding, verdant stems and soft, full blooms that positively swirl with color; these enchanting flowers will brighten any ...  More Info
$39.20 - $83.19
(5 stores)

African Violet Silk Plant with Vase (Set of 2)

You'll get twice the beauty with this eye-catching pair of supple African Violets. With a bold, lush bed of green leaves set atop a decorative wood planter, these colorful blooms bring a ray of Africa ...  More Info
$25.60 - $63.99
(9 stores)

Nearly Natural 20.0 in. H Green Azalea with Vase Silk Plant 6653

Azaleas conjure up images of one's garden in the springtime, with their pretty, full blossoms and bright green leaves. Now you can bring that garden feel into any type of environment with this lovely ...  More Info
$40 - $119.99
(5 stores)

Nearly Natural 47.0 in. H Orchid Giant Phalaenopsis and Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement 1288-OR

Now THIS is something to behold. A generously sized Phalaenopsis that will add pizzazz to any area it adorns. With green leaves on the stem, spiny stems that twist upwards, and the literal color explo ...  More Info
$58.49 - $239.99
(6 stores)

Wandering Jew Silk Plant with Metal Planter

What an interesting (and sometimes frustrating) plant the wandering Jew is – you plant it, and it spreads all over. But put your scissors away – you won’t need them here. This is a classic re-creation ...  More Info
$41.46 - $87.99
(4 stores)

6 ft. Multi Vine Bougainvillea Silk Tree - 5343

Delicate blooms will wow everyone. An intricate array of vines that twist skyward. Will always look great with no watering. Makes a statement in any space at 6-feet tall. About Nearly Natural Inc.For over 75 years, Nearly Natural Inc. has been providing conscientious consumers with beautiful alternatives to natural decorations. Employing and advised by naturalists who understand the live plant world, Nearly Natural is able to recreate the most realistic-looking decorative items for homes, offices, and businesses. Driven by a true commitment to customer service, attention to detail, and natural philosophy, Nearly Natural strives to bring customers the most beautiful, unique, and striking faux fauna and flora on the market. More Info
Manufacturer: : Nearly Natural
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Rose & Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement ()

$32 - $87.99
(5 stores)

Nearly Natural Cedar Spiral 3-Foot Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor)

Crafted with quality and detail in mind this stunning cedar silk tree will brighten up any space. It features 724 meticulously designed leaves each with an authentic texture. This spiral shaped cedar ...  More Info
$52 - $127.99
(5 stores)