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Bougainvillea Topiary w/Wood Box

TXN1165: Features: -Topiary.-Top filled with a mix of dainty pastel flowers and lush greenery.-Rustic wooden country planter. Color/Finish: -Beauty pink color.  More Info
$45.05 - $107.99
(4 stores)

nearly natural Silk Sweet Bay Tree

This charming duo of Sweet Bay pom-poms is definitely something to cheer about. Standing 4' high, this extraordinary Sweet Bay 4' Double Ball Topiary proudly displays 1036 lush silk leaves. The windin ...  More Info
$73.95 - $167.99
(7 stores)

5' Dieffenbachia Silk Plant (Real Touch)

This gorgeous Dieffenbachia silk plant is sure to project warmth and sunshine in any type environment. Known for its ability to tolerate shade, this genuine silk plant will thrive year round no matter ...  More Info
$113.99 - $179.99
(5 stores)

Puff Ivy with Chest Silk Plant

Delicate ivy stems reach in all directions to create a beautiful look perfect for any decor. This silk plant showcases star-shaped leaves that capture the imagination.  More Info
$33.15 - $83.99
(6 stores)

Nearly Natural Real Touch 3 ft. Anthurium Silk Plant 6619

$53.95 - $91.99
(3 stores)

Bougainvillea Hanging Basket Silk Plant ()

Nearly Natural 6608 Want to add a touch of decorative spice to your home? Well, this carefully crafted South American bougainvillea hanging basket will do just that, and is sure to be a hit among fami ...  More Info
$38.99 - $79.99
(5 stores)

Bonsai Silk Plant Collection (Set of 3)

Nearly Natural 4121 Why settle for one when you can have three? This vibrant little group of Bonsai trees will bring a little of that Oriental magic to your home or office. Perfectly sized at 12" and ...  More Info
$39.95 - $99.99
(6 stores)

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Silk Tree ()

A truly beautiful specimen symbolizing the botanical beauty of Japan (and other parts of the world as well). Staying low to the ground at 15 inches, this Cherry Blossom Bonsai is perfect for those see ...  More Info
$46.99 - $95.99
(6 stores)

5' Cordyline Silk Plant (Real Touch)

$69.99 - $127.99
(6 stores)

Gerber Daisy Silk Cream Liquid Illusion Floral By Nearly Natural

TXN1098: Features: -Silk gerber daisy arrangement.-Artificial water set in glass vase.-Brighten up any home or office. Color/Finish: -Cream color.-Eighteen colored stems.  More Info
$30.60 - $95.99
(7 stores)

Ivy Ledge Silk Plant

Dull, dreary ledges got you down? Well, liven them up with this stunning Ivy Ledge Silk Plant. Perfectly sized to fit just about any ledge (shelf / mantle), this is an ideal piece for any room that “n ...  More Info
$29.99 - $59.99
(6 stores)

5' Areca Silk Palm Tree in Green - Nearly Natural - 5274 by Nearly Natural

TXN1273: Features: -Silk areca palm tree.-Perfect for any room or office decor. Color/Finish: -Green color. Specifications: -1072 Leaves.  More Info
$111.99 - $255.99
(5 stores)

Nearly Natural 24.0 in. H Assorted Dancing Daisy Silk Flower Arrangement 1253-AS

Ok, not just ANY Daisy, mind you, but a Dancing Daisy! And one look at this beauty will make clear why it's called that. The perfect flower for any occasion where whimsical color is needed, this Danci ...  More Info
$45.05 - $127.99
(9 stores)

Mauve Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid Flower w/Leaves (6 Stems)

$52.95 - $139.99
(8 stores)

nearly natural Mixed Silk Zebra Fern Arrangement

Spice up your decor anytime of the year with this luminous mix of greens. The distinctive color pattern of the zebra stripes immediately commands your eye's attention, and the differing shapes add to ...  More Info
(1 store)

Geranium Silk Plant ()

Nearly Natural 4691 Make a bold splash this spring (or any season) with this grand red geranium arrangement. Standing 17" high with six full blooming petals that stand in sharp contrast to the lush gr ...  More Info
$38.99 - $79.99
(4 stores)

Nearly Natural 5040 4 ft. Bamboo Silk Plant

The bamboo plant has historically inspired artisans, philosophers, healers and even warriors, and now it can inspire you. This 4' Bamboo Silk Plant contains nine stalks and 540 leaves gorgeous deep gr ...  More Info
$42.99 - $79.99
(6 stores)

Grape Leaf with Chest Silk Plant

There?s treasure here for sure!!! Really - we?ve taken a beautiful treasure chest accent piece (which is attractive enough to stand on its own), and filled it with a ?wild and willowy? grapevine that? ...  More Info
$42.50 - $99.99
(8 stores)

Nearly Natural 24.5" Bougainvillea Silk Plant Flower Arrangement W/ Vase

With its plentiful leaves accented by numerous flowers, this plant is sure to bring a smile to anyones face. Standing at just over two feet tall, the Bougainvillea is a wonderful plant to add to any r ...  More Info
$57.99 - $119.99
(5 stores)

Bonsai Silk Plant Collection (Set of 3)

Some people prefer the tiniest Bonsai plant available, and for these people, our 8.5 Bonsai set fits the bill perfectly. Lovingly crafted from the finest materials, these miniature trees look so lush, ...  More Info
$36.99 - $75.99
(6 stores)

Nearly Natural Agave Silk Plant ()

Straight from Mexico, this full-figured Agave Silk Plant is sure to fool even the most discerning eye. This gorgeous silk creation thrives well in any environment and sports bright, sharply pointed le ...  More Info
$69.99 - $119.99
(4 stores)

Nearly Natural 31.0 in. H Pink Large Rose Stem (Set of 12) 2127-PK

Shop for Floral Decor, Silk Flowers and Greenery from! About Nearly Natural Inc.For over 75 years, Nearly Natural Inc. has been providing conscientious consumers with beautiful alternati ...  More Info
$45.05 - $115.99
(5 stores)

Nearly Natural 29.0 in. H Orange Spider Mum with Urn Silk Plant 6664

Shop for Floral Decor, Silk Flowers and Greenery from! About Nearly Natural Inc.For over 75 years, Nearly Natural Inc. has been providing conscientious consumers with beautiful alternati ...  More Info
$37.40 - $107.99
(4 stores)

nearly natural Silk Marginatum Fern Plant

This jungle-like fern adds a sense of flair and excitement to any room it occupies. The elongated jagged shaped leaves give this plant a unique look all its own. Standing 22” inches tall, this rare fe ...  More Info
$33.99 - $55.99
(6 stores)