Worms: Open Warfare (PlayStation Portable, 2006)

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Worms: Open Warfare (PlayStation Portable, 2006) - UK developer Team17's signature series squirms onto PSP with the same 2D style and offbeat humor that has made the Worms strategy games an international success. The format remains identical to previous versions, as two teams of four worms alternate turns across an assortment of surreal landscapes. Each turn focuses on a single worm soldier, with the goal being to eliminate as much of the opposing team as possible before time expires. Twenty whimsical weapons and inventive items are available, including bazookas, exploding sheep, homing missiles, banana bombs, shotguns, jet packs, and more. Players will battle it out on randomly generated maps with six different themes, from jungle and space to the underworld and London. Multiplayer support is also available via hot seat, where players pass the PSP to friends on their turns, or via Ad-hoc mode. 2 store offers from $18.49 - $23.23
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Retaining the same award-winning gameplay, unique sense of humor and clever mix of action and strategy that has epitomized the brand for almost a decade, Worms is the ideal quality gaming experience while on the move and is perfectly placed to make its debut on the Sony PSP
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The worms are going to war again in WORMS: OPEN WARFARE, a game that returns the series to its 2-D, turn-based roots.
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