Grand Theft Auto (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 1999)

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Grand Theft Auto (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 1999) - Did you ever want to live a life of crime? Did you ever want to head out on the road and see where it takes you, see what happens as you move from place to place, your only worry who you should take your next job from?

Well, of course you've never wanted to live a life like that, but now you can do so vicariously in Grand Theft Auto for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. Take on over 100 missions spread across three cities as you try to avoid the cops, keep a low profile by not running over innocent pedestrians, and battle other criminals who are often competing with you for the loot.

When the game begins you choose your character from a line-up of nine felons, each with his own unique attributes. Then you get your car and head out on your first mission. Messages come in through a phone call; follow the instructions and commit the specified crime. Every successful mission increases your Wanted Level as well as your overall score.

You also have a pager to assist with networking with other criminals, and a random ringing payphone could mean a job from a mob boss. You start the game with five lives but can find more. Scattered throughout the cities are crates which yield bonuses such as better weapons and body armor, a Get Outta Jail Free Key which gets you out of the slammer with all your weapons, or a police bribe which cancels your Wanted Level.

The three cities you travel through are Liberty, Vice and San Andreas.
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