Road Champs BXS Stunt Biking (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2000)

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Road Champs BXS Stunt Biking (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2000) - Road Champs puts players in a side-view, psuedo-3D world of ramps, pipes and other objects to perform tricks off. Your goal is to become good enough to climb up the ranks of BMX to earn a top spot in the dangerous and exciting sport. In Road Champs, you'll be hustled through a training program that will get your ready for the big time. You'll learn how to execute one of the 50 tricks that appears in the game, either separately or together in combinations for big points. You'll have to manipulate your X-Bar, which will grow as you do better and give you more points as you land big and powerful combos.

Once you're ready to take on the modes, you'll find a number to choose from in Road Champs, from Career Mode to Tournament to just picking from one of the 27 different arenas for a Single Run. Career Mode takes you all the way from the bottom rung of the BMX ladder all the way to the Pro circuit to prove you're the best. Once you complete this mode, you can hit the Tournament and head for the BSX Games 2000, progressing through Vert and Street-Jump trials to make it to the illustrious finals. Remember, variety is important, so don't keep doing the same tricks, because only the top three riders can keep going on in hopes of making it to the championship.
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