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HP 39g Graphing Calculator - Combining excellent usability with powerful features, the Hewlett-Packard algebraic graphing calculator is ideal for students, ranging from middle school algebra all the way up to high school and college level. Dont let the calculators slim design fool you. Although its compact and easy to slip in a pocket or desk drawer, the functions are meaty, and the high-contrast 131 x 64-pixel screen enables you to see more of your worrk.Clearly designed for students, the calculator features a textbook mode allowing users to enter and view equations and expressions, electronic lessons adapted from textbook topics, and a split screen for side-by-side comparisons. And in the "Dang, thats cool" category, the calculator even features an infrared port enabling students to send data, equations, notes, and e-lessons to study buddies (no cheating, though!). The HP396 can also be hooked up to your PC or even an overhead display unit.
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The Serial Cable is shielded for a reliable transfer between the HP 48G to your computer. Included with the cable is the HP Graphing Calculator PC Connectivity Kit, this is the latest software made by HP. Factory Quality serial cable compatible with the f
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