Jurassic Park (NES, 1993)

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Jurassic Park (NES, 1993) - Off the coast of Central America lies a tiny island called Isla Neblar. This bit of tropical land is the home of Jurassic Park, the most incredible animal preserve in the history of human existence. Thanks to astounding bio-technical advances, dinosaurs have been cloned into modern day existence and now walk the Earth once again, more than 60 million years after their extinction.

In Jurassic Park for the Super NES, you as world-renowned paleontologist Alan Grant have been invited to examine the dinosaurs in their monitored, computer-controlled habitat. Unfortunately, shortly after you arrive, something terrible goes wrong with the electrified fences and motion sensors, causing hundreds of raptors, spitters, tyrannosaurs and other dinosaurs to break free of their pens and paddocks! Naturally, your first instinct is to flee the island, but prior to doing so, you must activate the motion sensors, secure the visitor's center, kill raptors aboard the ship, destroy raptor nests, radio for help and reach the helipad.

To gain access to certain areas of the island you must find access cards that will allow you to download information, communicate with others, and control park functions. When you pick up a card, a display will appear that shows you the card's functions and a map of the route you must take to complete a specific task. You can also pick up extra lives, first aid kits, nerve gas bombs, food, bonus points and batteries. Batteries help light up your night vision goggles, which turn on automatically when you enter a dark room.

You'll confront numerous dinosaurs as you search the island. Luckily, the game has several weapons you can use, such as a cattle prod, a shotgun, a gas grenade gun and a bola. In addition to the cloned, hulking brutes, you must also deal with electric fences, rock avalanches, fast-flowing rivers, electrified gates and other obstacles.

Enter the world of Jurassic Park if you dare, but don't forget Ian Malcom's (as played by Jeff Goldblum in the feature film) chaos theory: "Assume that you start with a simple set of mathematical rules, the creation of a simple pattern, for instance. If you repeat this pattern enough times, even the slightest fluctuations, the slightest imperfections, (which are, by the way, present in any system) will cause completely unpredictable variations in the system, leading, eventually and inevitably, to chaos."
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