Princeton Tec Apex Flashlight

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Princeton Tec Apex Flashlight - Luminous and shock resistant, the Princeton Tec flashlight is an LED light that is a good choice for delivering light wherever you wish during the night. This Princeton Tec Apex supports a 150-hour running time enabling you to operate your light for a long period of time. As this LED flashlight includes LED technology, you can say goodbye to burned out light bulbs and leverage the greatly improved energy efficiency. The Princeton Tec flashlight is carryable and well-designed, so you can carry it along and always have a source of light at hand and enjoy using it where you need to indoors or out. Boasting a light output of 130 lumens, this Princeton Tec Apex is very bright, and it allows you to aim a beam of light to make subjects visible with clarity. 1 store offers from $80.99
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The biggest and brightest headlamp in our professional series, the Apex has been a favorite of extreme outdoorsmen and cavers for years. Truly the pinnacle of waterproof LED headlamp design, the Apex combines...  More Info
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