Whynter IC-2L Ice Cream Maker

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Whynter IC-2L Ice Cream Maker - With the WHYNTER SNO frozen dessert ice cream maker, you can make a spread of delectable desserts in about 20-40 minutes. With this versatile wonder you can not only make premium ice cream but refreshing sorbets, Italian gelato, sherbets, fresh frozen yogurts and other treats. Our professional quality ice-cream maker offers premium features not found in budget ice cream makers. A built-in compressor freezer allows for continuous use without the inconvenience of having to pre-freeze the mixing bowl. You will never have to use any freezer space before being able to make your favorite frozen dessert. 1 store offers from $293.78
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Self-contained frozen dessert maker that does not require pre-freezing. Newly designed motor drive that shuts off to prevent damage if the mixture freezes solid
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