Brave Story: New Traveler (PlayStation Portable, 2007)

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Brave Story: New Traveler (PlayStation Portable, 2007) - In Brave Story: New Traveler, you are an 11-year-old with an unconscious friend named Miki. After trying unsuccessfully to wake Miki you are transported to the world of Vision. Here, you must begin life as a "traveler" and work through many ordeals to meet with the Goddess of Fortune. As you adventure through the game, you can meet other characters and add them to your party. Getting to know each of these avatars opens up cooperative battle skills that are useful when facing an enemy three times your size.

Combat sequences are played out in a turn-based format that is designed to emphasize the ideals of bravery, growth, and friendship. Attacking enemies builds up the "brave power" meter that indicates your current courage level. When it is full you can perform a special attack. During your journey you can find special gems and birds hidden in each location. The gems can be used to create or modify weapons, and the birds are used in mini-games or traded for rare items. By connecting to a wireless network, you can trade birds with friends or compete with them in a mini-game.
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Take on the role of an original main character and work through a story featuring Wataru, Meena and the rest of the main Brave Story cast.
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