Digi DC-SP-01-S - 663072929473 Serial Device Server

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Digi DC-SP-01-S - 663072929473 Serial Device Server - More and more electronic devices used in all types of commercial applications are being network-enabled so that data from those devices can be accessed evaluated and utilized in real time. The Digi Connect SP device server is a simple and cost-effective solution for migrating electronic devices to this emerging world of networked device collaboration. The customizable Digi Connect SP serial server is the ideal choice for web- and network-enabled embedded software applications. It eliminates the initial hardware design effort providing a powerful and flexible off-the-shelf hardware platform. Built on the NetSilicon NS7520 32-bit NET+ARM processor and the easy-to-use and royalty-free NET+Works development platform the Digi Connect SP offers a migration path to embedded modules and a fully integrated system-on-chip solution. 1 store offers from $157.99
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Digi Connect SP - Device server - 10Mb LAN 100Mb LAN RS-232 RS-422 RS-485
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