KidCo Outlet Plug Cover

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KidCo Outlet Plug Cover - The KidCo Outlet Plug Cover provides baby proofing protection for your plugged in electrical outlets. Fits both Standard Style(center screw) and Decorative Style(top & bottom screw) outlets. Large size allows for storage of excess cord. Just screw in back plate and snap on cover. Ideal for Home or Office. White Color. 2 store offers from $6.95 - $6.99
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KidSafe Home Safety
(16 reviews)
Outlet covers are a must and these KidCo Outlet Plug Covers are a great choice to protect your little one from in-use electrical outlets both indoors and out. These covers fit all styles of outlets(single and d...  More Info
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1 800 ToysRUs
Toys R Us
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Keeping electrical cords out of a toddler's view is the most important part of tamper prevention. KidCo's Outlet Plug Cover does just that, by not only hiding the entire outlet and the plugs, but also by allo...  More Info
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