Thumper Versa Pro Massager (779665003007)

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Thumper Versa Pro Massager (779665003007) - Massage Action: Vibrating Massage Strength: Deep Tissue Power Source: AC Power The Thumper Versapro Foot Massager is a large footbed massager that has an impressive 184 acupressure modes and self-leveling suspension so the angle of your massage is always just right. On the floor for your feet, at your back for your shoulders, on your lap for those aching legs...the Thumper Versapro Foot Massager is a footbed massager, meaning you can place it anywhere you need it. If you don't care for handheld models that have to be self-maneuvered, the Thumper Versapro Foot Massager offers a stable alternative that offers the luxury of massage therapy in the privacy of your own residence. The Thumper Versapro Foot Massager is a footbed massager with 184 pressure nodes that provide pulsed acupressure at 6 power settings. The plastic casing over steel, non-slip rubber base and durable vinyl massage pads make the construction of this {STORE.PROD} a durable and versatile choice.
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Professional-Strength Massage For Your Lower Body. Experience A Better Massage!perfect For Use On Your Feet, Calves, Quads And Hamstrings—Or Turn It Upright And Use It On Your Lower Back!184 Acupressure Massa...  More Info
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